I bought an old copy of “The Sun Also Rises” at the SF Public Library sidewalk sale. Tucked inside the front flap, I found an SF Municipal Railway pass from 1970 (or perhaps 1971). Since I’ve long used transit passes as bookmarks, I feel a connection with the previous owner of this tome.


It seems like SF Muni back in the day was a quite complicated, zone-based system. The zones on this ticket seem to be particular to the direction of this line, which was dubbed the 8C. Based on the street names, the line seems to have begun downtown at Market Street, then headed south through the numbered streets. Seems like it followed Brannan, then turned into Potrero and headed south towards the Outer Mission. I have no sense of where the “Outer Term.” indicated might be.

The basic direction of this 8C line seems to mirror the modern 8-Bayshore bus line.

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